Special Educational Needs may relate to learning, emotional needs, sensory impairment, physical disability or medical condition.

Mrs H Kirk

WSP SEN Governors:
Ms C Zanelli
Mrs J Mortimer 
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Our main purpose is:

  • to identify support needs as early as possible through a system of referral and assessment
  • to provide a range of sensitive and effective responses to individual needs
  • to facilitate full access to a broad, balanced education taking into account the requirements of the national curriculum
  • to build links with parents as partners. To encourage their participation in the decision making process to support their child’s education
  • to facilitate staff development related to SEN issues
  • to develop links with external agencies and educational support services
  • to seek the views of the students and take them into account during the decision making process
  • to monitor the provision and the progress made

Special Educational Needs Information Report 
Additional Needs
Identifying Needs
External Agencies
Exam Arrangements
Education, Health and Care Plans
Support for Parents
CUP Report 2019-20

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