Teaching & Learning

Our mission: ‘be the best you can be’

Our aims: 

To enable our students to develop a real love of learning, through quality teaching and learning in a safe environment. We will provide learning which students value and which brings out the best in them. We will motivate them to succeed both now and in the future, achieving their personal best. We will give our learners the best chances of happiness and fulfilment in their adult lives. To do this, we will offer the best possible opportunities for effective personal development and the conditions which support positive well-being in a ‘happy College’. 

  • Students have a duty to apply themselves to their learning and personal development, making best use of all the support and opportunities available to them; effort is paramount.
  • The College staff and governors have a duty to create the conditions for successful learning and personal development, meeting to the best of their ability the needs of the full range of learners, using all available resources as effectively as possible and safeguarding the students. 
  • Parents have a duty to work with the College to support the successful learning of their sons and daughters, through challenge and encouragement
  • All members of the College community have a duty to develop in themselves, and encourage in others in the wider community the positive strengths and values society shares. These include: creativity; open-mindedness; understanding; knowledge; persistence; integrity, kindness; fairness; leadership; forgiveness; modesty; self-control; appreciation; thankfulness; optimism; humour; trust; courage; hope; tolerance; love; responsibility; humility; peace; cooperation; patience; generosity as well as the values of friendship, excellence and respect. 
Excellence: this value stands for giving your best, on the field of play or in the professional arena. It is not only about winning, but also about participating, making progress against personal goals, striving to be and to do your best in our daily lives and benefiting from the healthy combination of a strong body, mind and will. 
Friendship: this encourages us to develop mutual understanding among individuals and people from all over the world. The Olympic Games inspire humanity to overcome political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge friendships in spite of those differences. 
Respect: this value incorporates respect for yourself, for others, for the rules and regulations and the environment. Respect also stands for fair play and for the fight against unethical behaviour.
  • These values will be developed by using them overtly to remind ourselves of how we would like to be and providing a focus for all our aspirations.

Our core purpose is to fulfil a range of ideas behind ‘Personal Learning Journey’ in the Caedmon College Whitby teaching and learning plan.

Ready - Respect - Safe

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