WSF Exam Result Triumph

Despite the national press telling us to expect a downturn in results, we are celebrating results better than we have had for several years.

Waves Final

A* - E 99% 
A* - C 81%
A* - B 52%
A* - A 25%

All of these measures are on or above national averages.
85% of students applying to university got their first choice (compared to 79% nationally).

But, for us, it’s not about the headlines, it’s about the students. We haven’t got these results accidentally. We are ambitious for all of our young people. The combination of experienced staff and great pastoral support means we get the best out of Whitby students. 

Some of our highlights this year

  • students joining health professions. We have students going to study medicine, paramedic science and health and social care
  • students going to top universities to study History, English, Languages and Geography
  • a raft of scientists studying at Durham, York, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle and other universities
  • many students training to be teachers.

We are so proud of our students who have worked hard and the sixth form team who have supported them, encouraged them and pushed them every step of the way. They are a credit to our town.

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