The House System at Caedmon College Whitby

Every student who attends Caedmon College Whitby is a member of a ‘house’. The houses are made up from all students from Year 7 to Year 11. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of competitive activities that promote Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

The four houses at Caedmon College Whitby are named after Captain Cook’s ships:

  • Adventure
  • Discovery
  • Endeavour
  • Resolution

House Competitions

Students can gain house points for academic success, effort, and service to the College. Those that make contributions to their Houses are rewarded through house points, certificates, badges and house colours in the house assemblies that take place every term. Every event earns house points which are collected over the year and regularly updated on the house notice boards.

The following house competitions currently take place throughout the year:

  • 5-a-side Football
  • 6-a-side Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Drama
  • Girls’ Football
  • Hockey
  • ‘Bake-off’
  • Netball
  • Performing Arts
  • Rounders
  • Rugby 7s
  • Sports Day
  • Tennis

Students quickly form an allegiance to their house and the competitions promote our key values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. Students are encouraged to be the best that they can be and the house system helps promote this throughout the College.

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