KS5 - Year 12 Level 1 and Level 2 Programme

What does the programme of study look like for Year 12 One Year students?

  • students can re-sit their Maths or English GCSE courses if needed
  • students will work towards a qualification in one of the following subject areas: Business, Health and Social Care or Art and Design
  • students will have an allocated work experience placement in an area they are interested

Work Experience

Work experience is a very important aspect of the Year 12 level 1 and level 2 programme. The work experience programme allows students to work in a placement which they are suited to. The work placement helps students gain skills which cannot be achieved solely within the College. Work placements vary depending on the student’s preference and future career choice. Some students go on to gain jobs or are offered other training within these placements. 

What can you do after a level two course?

On completion students may decide to remain at the College to study Level 3 courses such as BTECs and A-levels. Students can also opt to study elsewhere at another sixth form college, further education college or apply for an apprenticeship. The government has decided that all students must stay in education or employment with training until their 18th birthday. As such we work hard to ensure our One Year students follow the pathway that is appropriate and aspirational by giving students a one-to-one progression interview during the spring term. As part of their interview students receive support in creating a CV, researching options and applying for courses.

What do our students have to say?

A group of One Year Health and Social Students hard at work

“GCSE year wasn’t a straight forward year for me but I did take GCSE Health and Social Care and gained 2 GCSEs from that. I then progressed on to the BTEC Health and Social in Sixth Form which was a one year course that was really good. I didn’t really look forward to doing the coursework units but once I got my head into it all It didn’t seem that much to do. If I was ever stuck or needed help then my teachers  always helped me and made me see that it would all be worth it in the end and it was. All my hard work finally paid off and I achieved my level 2 which I needed to help my progression. I really enjoyed being in Sixth Form at Caedmon College and I was always well supported both in the subject work and from the Sixth Form team. My BTEC level 2 course consisted of working in College three days a week and two days a week at a work experience placement. I chose my placement to be in a local primary school. I found this an excellent experience; so much so that I am now working towards my teaching assistant NVQ level 2 at the same local primary school. Without the help of my teachers and the Sixth Form team I probably wouldn’t be doing or achieving what I am today.”
Former Sixth Form Student

“To be honest I found that doing my level 2 Business course was actually quite easy. It wasn’t very challenging as I nearly completed it by February of that year but as I did not have my 5 GCSE A to C  I could not go straight onto a level 3 course. I learned an awful lot about myself while I was in the Sixth Form. I knew I had a lot of growing up to do and needed to do it fast. Doing my work experience in Pannett Park changed my life for the better. I found a career I have a passion for and I hope to do big things in the future. I had fantastic support all the way through my time at the College. I just wish I had listened to advice I got given by a group of sixth formers when I was in Year 10. I gained an apprenticeship with the help of the staff. I think teachers in general at Caedmon College Whitby helped me a lot in their own way. I was lucky not to be permanently excluded! The amount of chances I got then chucked them back in everyone’s face were unbelievable and all I can say is sorry and thank you for standing by me. My dream is to be head gardener at Pannett Park as that’s what changed me in to who I am today.“
Gary – Former Sixth Form Student

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