Our Expectations of Sixth Form Students

The Student Code of Conduct

Our aim is to provide students with the best opportunity to succeed in College. To do this we need to ensure that students perform to the best of their ability, which includes working to deadlines, attending lessons and behaving in an acceptable manner. To help us to support students and parents, we have a rigorous Student Code of Conduct. At Stage 1, the student will be advised by a member of the Sixth Form team about the improvements needed. If issues persist, then further action will be taken, and greater support will be identified, culminating in a ‘Contract’ which the student must adhere to. Failure to do so will mean that the student may be considered for withdrawal from a course or courses. This policy is currently working very well, and is fully endorsed by the Student Council. Student and parental feedback has been very positive about the Code of Conduct System, as it gives clarity as to what is expected from students.

Signing in and out

Registers are taken at the beginning of every lesson. Students must also sign in and out in the Sixth Form Centre whenever they enter and leave site. Students who have not returned their parental off-site consent forms must remain on site during the College day. If a student needs to go home ill they must inform the Sixth Form Office to ensure safety.


For all students, attendance is an important aspect of ensuring a successful outcome to courses. Examples of authorised absences to regular attendance are:

  • negotiated study leave
  • official work experience or community service
  • signing out for negotiated private study time

The following absences should be authorised in advance: religious holidays, a medical appointment that cannot be rearranged at another time, a careers-related interview, an appointment with a careers adviser, attendance at a funeral, severe disruption to transport or a driving test. Attendance at assembly is compulsory and students will be expected to attend sixth form assemblies which take place weekly throughout the year.

Year 12 Self-Supported Study

All Year 12 students must stay on site for 75% of their study periods. Attendance will be monitored by a study card which must be signed by Learning Centre staff or other identified study area staff.

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