What interventions are available to students with SEN?

Interventions may be offered to a young person if they have been identified as having additional needs to accelerate their progress.

At this point the young person will have a student profile that all staff have access to, this profile contains information about their learning needs, learning styles, intervention programmes undertaken and additional information where appropriate.

Interventions currently in place are:

Year Group



7, 8, 9

First Class @ numbers

Success @ Arithmetic

Structured intervention intended to close the gaps in mathematic learning with focus on number.


Study Skills Plus

After College, 3.30-4.30, Tuesday-Thursday where Learning Support Assistants are available to support students who need additional help with homework. L2, Normanby site.

7, 8, 9, 10


A computer based reading programme with a focus on phonics that adapts to suit individual needs.


Thinking Reading

A phonics based intense reading programme.


Group support in class

A Learning Support Assistant is assigned to a specific class to support a range of students in that class to ensure they can access the tasks.


Targeted support in class

A Learning Support Assistant has a small number of priority students to focus on during the lesson.

7, 8, 9

Inference Training

A reading comprehension  intervention for students who are experiencing difficulty acquiring full meaning and enjoyment from their reading


Break Club

Daily for students who need a quieter place to be at break time. Activities are provided.


Lunch Club

Daily range of activities based around social skills

As differing needs are identified other interventions could be offered.

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