Extra-Curricular Activities

You can sign up for one of the following courses:

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Teachers for the Future (T4tF)
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
EPQ – Extended Project Qualification
Student Leadership Team 

Work experience opportunities:

KS4 mentoring
KS4 tutor group support
KS3/4 classroom support
Extra-curricular club and activities
Self-supported work experience. 

Fitness and Sport opportunities:

Sports teams’ practises and matches
Discounted membership to Whitby Leisure Centre.
Enrichment is viewed as a compulsory part of your overall Sixth Form programme and is monitored through attendance, like any other lesson.

Enrichment Options in the Sixth Form

A successful enrichment programme will promote the life-skills needed for everyday life, develop “soft skills” that employers and universities look for, while also giving you the opportunity to find out more about your interests and passions.

Coaching - this will give you the opportunity to help coach KS3/KS4 students. You will work closely with a set of students throughout the year to help them in their learning. You will receive training for this that will look excellent on any job or university application.

Work Related Learning - this is giving you the opportunity to gain a qualification that is not in in the curriculum. For example: health and safety in the workplace, first aid at work, principles of safeguarding. If you know your chosen career or not, this is a great opportunity to get more qualifications on your CV, and there are over 30 options to choose from!

Work Experience - this will allow you to gain skills in the workplace of your choice. This is mainly for a job you are interested in and, if you are struggling to find a placement, there are people in the College who can help.

Sport and Fitness Ambassador - this will allow you to promote fitness around the College, officiate matches, run clubs and partake in sporting activities. This will improve your leadership, organisation and confidence skills.

Student Leaders - as a student leader you will help shape the future of the sixth form by reviewing policies such as uniform and the curriculum. As well as representing the sixth form at open evenings, you will help to organise charity events, student events and fundraising. This will be your opportunity to show your leadership abilities and will look excellent on any job or university application form.

It is hoped that by participating in the College’s Enrichment Programme, you will leave the College with a much more ‘rounded’ education and experiences that will help you in the future.

The Enrichment Programme will be explained to you during the first weeks in September, after which you will be able to make your choice and sign up.

Higher Education Days, UCAS & Careers Advice

Help, support and advice are available for students throughout the UCAS registration process for those applying to higher education. We also arrange a visit to a UCAS conference so that you can find out more about university life and the full range of subjects available. A comprehensive range of resources are available to students wanting to research careers, higher education and gap year options, in the Learning Centre.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

All Year 12 students are encouraged to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award or beyond. Since it began in 1956, the scheme has aimed to help young people plan and undertake different activities to develop them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It aims to provide young people with an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development of the highest quality and the widest reach. There are three levels to the award – bronze, silver and gold. Each level has four specific areas – service, skills, physical recreation and expeditions. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is widely recognised by employers and people involved in education. Some of the benefits to young people include:

  • developing self-confidence and self-reliance
  • gaining a sense of achievement and a sense of responsibility
  • discovering new skills, interests and talents
  • developing leadership skills and abilities.


The Driving Standards Agency visits the College to help students to prepare for their driving tests and increase awareness of road safety. We also organise, through North Yorkshire County Council, a set of workshops showing the effects of road accidents and the roles of the public services they affect, such as the Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance services. It’s a powerful workshop which carries a hard-hitting message.

Fund Raising

Fancy getting involved with raising money for charity? Sixth Form students have helped to generate significant sums of money through a range of fund raising activities at the College. Some interesting fancy dress costumes, coupled with jangling buckets usually dominates the proceedings! Last year, Sixth Form students helped to raise over £4000 for charities including: Children in Need, the Shoe Box Appeal, Help for Heroes, and many more. Ideas can also be put forward through the Student Leadership Team.

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