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Y11 GCSE Exam Leave

Published on 26/05/23

Attendance is important

At this stage, every lesson will be a chance to recap work with an expert, the teacher. We want all students in all lessons, taking the opportunities to revise with people who know the exam syllabus well and respecting other students’ right to learn too. Please encourage your son/daughter to be in for all sessions and to participate and engage.

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WSP Y10 Macbeth Theatre Trip

Published on 25/04/23

As part of your son/daughter’s English Literature GCSE they have been studying the play ‘Macbeth’. To support students’ engagement or the text, we have booked a limited number of tickets for a performance at Newcastle’s Northern Stage theatre. Seeing this fantastic performance will be a stimulating, exciting experience. Not only will the live performance be enriching, it will also mean that students are much better-equipped to write about the play- a compulsory part of their GCSE course. We are very excited to run this trip as a joint WSP event between both Caedmon College and Eskdale school.

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Y8 The Woman in Black Trip

Published on 20/04/23

We are delighted to offer your son/daughter the opportunity to see the play, The Woman in Black, at the Billingham Forum Theatre. Students study ‘The Woman in Black’ in Year 8 and this will allow them to experience the thrill and excitement of this critically-acclaimed international theatre event which continues to delight and terrify audiences of all generations. Please be aware, that critics have described the play as a ‘spine-chiller’, a ‘journey into fear’ and something which will lead to you ‘being scared out of your wits’ and it has been classified as 12+. If your son/daughter is easily scared, this might not be for them.

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Something Fishy

Published on 31/03/23

It’s part of the Fish Heroes project, which encourages young people to learn about, cook and taste fish. Students will also be learning about the health benefits of fish in the diet as well as aspects of sustainability. 

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Y11 Free Cambridge Summer School

Published on 31/03/23

This is a two-year programme commencing in the summer of Year 11 with an in-person summer school (20-23 August 2023) followed by ongoing online support through Year 12 and culminating in a second summer school in August of Year 12.

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School Attendance

Published on 06/03/23

Being around teachers and friends in a school or college environment is the best way for pupils to learn and reach their potential. Time in school also keeps children safe and provides access to extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care.

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The Battlefield

Published on 24/02/23

Anastasiia, a Ukrainian student living here in Whitby, was spoken to by her teacher in case the subject was too difficult for her to write about. However, determined to write about what she knew, she wrote the following.

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