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Published on 25/01/23

Please note that, for health and safety reasons, we cannot allow parents to drive down the College driveway at the beginning or end of the school day. We request, for student safety, that parents avoid coming onto the College site with vehicles, as far as is possible. For this reason, the gate at the top of the College driveway will be closed during the school day. We must make this request due to the volume of College traffic and the limited walkway area around the drive. The car park at the top of the school drive is quite small and parents using it at the end of the day often will struggle to park. The road down to the College has a single yellow line on one side to prevent parking. However, Mayfield Road has space for parking which is easy to access. There are many students leaving the site at 3.30pm and we need it to be as safe as possible for them. Please therefore avoid turning into the College car park if there is space on Mayfield Road. We also ask you to be respectful of our College neighbours and not block or park in their private parking areas. This includes Beevers - dropping off/collecting students from Beevers car park is not permitted, nor is dropping off/collecting from our neighbours' parking areas at the top of the College driveway. The emergency access bay near to the field gate also must be left clear at all times.

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Christmas Story Winners 2022

Published on 13/01/23

Christmas Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a town called Irisville, our story starts in a peculiar little house full of joy and a jolly family…

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Published on 02/12/22

The governing body, with the Executive head teacher, has overall responsibility for the running of the schools within the partnership. The three core functions for all boards are: 

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Safety Apps for Parents

Published on 30/11/22

Modern technology can be a source of anxiety to some parents but does also offer some positive benefits. The fact many students have a mobile phone on them means that parents can easily track the whereabouts of their child which can be of some comfort, especially as the nights are increasingly dark! 

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York and North Yorkshire Devolution Deal

Published on 25/11/22

We are writing to you as a valued stakeholder in York and North Yorkshire to publicise the consultation on the proposed York and North Yorkshire devolution deal. The York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership strongly support devolution, seeing it as an enabler to long term funding, giving our region a voice at a national level and helping us to develop the right strategic programmes to support our economy prosper for the people who live and work here.

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NotMyChild campaign

Published on 23/11/22

This campaign was inspired by the tragic story of Kerry’s daughter Leah who died after taking drugs in 2019.

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'The Unpredictable Tale'

Published on 21/10/22

There were some fabulously spooky, shocking, chilling and disturbing Halloween stories from Years 7 and 8 that did not have a predictable ending. They were not allowed to use ‘IT WAS ALL A DREAM’ (Or nightmare)! And they really showed their flair, creativity and imagination as young fiction writers, working their magic to write terrifically terrible tales of trepidation.

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