Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements for Caedmon College

North Yorkshire County Council is the admission authority for Caedmon College, as we are a community secondary school in its area; therefore the Council has determined the admission arrangements for the current school year. It is the Council that makes the decisions about admissions to Caedmon College, meaning that the Head of School cannot offer any child a place or guarantee the availability of a place. Caedmon does not have its own Admissions Policy, but follows the Council’s policies and procedures.

Details of all aspects of admissions can be found on the Council’s website:

These include:

  • guidance about the admissions process
  • important dates and a timeline of the admissions process
  • applying for a school place
  • changing schools and in-year applications
  • the appeals process
  • oversubscription criteria.

The current PAN (Published Admission Number) for Caedmon College is 184.

Prospective parents and their child are welcome to visit the school at any time.

An appointment should be made by telephoning the school in advance to ensure that a member of staff is available. All visitors must report to reception first.

We also have an annual Open Evening in September, to which all interested families are warmly invited. This is a great opportunity to visit the school, meet staff, tour the building and find out more about our curriculum through interactive department activities.

Please also have a look at our prospectus, available to view on this website.

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