Training Links

Training Links:

  • PREVENT Training: Prevention of Extremist Behaviour Radicalisation At a Glance (June 14) [PDF]
  • Basic Awareness in Child Protection
  • Diabetes Training
    Please click on the link, “Resources” one of the top tabs, then go to the bottom of the pages under “Resources by type”
    Go to “Free courses” and click “View free courses”
    Towards the bottom of this page on the right, you will see “Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes”
    Click on “Find our more” then “Register for Training”
    Click “Register” once logged in, you will need to click on “requested learning” then “Course request”
    The course should be listed and need to be clicked on the left, then “request course”
  • Asthma Training
  • Data Protection & GDPR awareness training
    You will need to take a screenshot of your quiz results and forward this in an email.
  • Child Protection Training
    Click on “log in” top right
    Under “sign in” click on “Create one”
    Follow the instructions – you will need the 10 digit employment reference number to access the course.

Any problems with the courses, please contact

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