Year 6 Transition

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Wood will be visiting all primaries in the lead up to transition week and will speak to the Year 6 teacher and to all prospective students. 

Your son or daughter will be able to ask lots of questions and voice any concerns that they might be having about the transition from primary to secondary school. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Harrison or Mrs Wood should you have any questions or concerns, or wish to visit the school.

  • Global Day – Tuesday 11 June (to include a tour of the Normanby site)
  • Welcome Evening – Thursday 4 July, 4-6pm
  • Transition Week – Monday 8 July
  • Exhibition of Yr 6 Learning – Thursday 11 July 2.30 – 3.30pm Normanby site
  • Sports Enrichment Day – Friday 12 July


Download our Year 6 Transition Booklet

CCW Learning Principles

Students at Caedmon College Whitby will experience a world class curriculum that makes learning real, exciting and inspirational. It will develop the whole person intellectually, aesthetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. It will excite imaginations and fire curiosity. It will raise aspirations and widen horizons. It will enable every learner to leave school with the character, confidence, ability and the desire to be world class citizen.
The learning experience at Caedmon College Whitby is based on seven principles that reflect on the specific learning needs, opportunities and context of the school, community and world.

Our natural learning environment

Caedmon College Whitby learning is centred in the heart of beautiful, natural surroundings that are the sea, moors and forest. Learning is designed to utilise the outdoor classroom to reveal real and active learning opportunities that support our values of excellence, friendship and respect. Excitement, passion and adventure create great learning experiences at Caedmon College Whitby both in and outside the classroom and enable our process of self-discovery.


Learning experiences that are rich with emotion and challenge, that provide the right support will allow learners to discover their abilities, values, passions and responsibilities. The Caedmon College Whitby curriculum enables adventurous learning and a safe environment to take risks. A key feature of our outdoor learning programme is to develop the personal skills, character and attributes necessary to achieve personal best and to be the best you can be.


Our Caedmon College Whitby learning programme promotes empathy and respect as essential 21st Century skills needed for the culturally rich and diverse world we live in. Learning develops appreciation for cultural differences and an ability to understand and consider multiple perspectives. Adults nurture and look after the progress of learners, whilst older students play an active role in mentoring younger ones.

Responsible Learners

Learning is an active process that happens individually and as part of a group. Caedmon College Whitby provides a secure environment based on friendship, respect and trust to allow the responsibility of self and group to direct personal and collective learning. High expectations of this responsibility are placed at the heart of every learning experience and contribute to the collective achievement of all learners. We are crew not passengers. Achievement is celebrated and shared in the learning and wider community and starts with students active commitment to learning.


Effective learning at Caedmon College Whitby requires time for reflection to explore the deep and complex ideas presented in our curriculum for the 21st century learner. Reflection often provides the catalyst for problem solving, creating, consolidating, making sense of the world and self. Reflections are encouraged to be shared to broaden personal and community learning experiences. Reflection is a frequent aspect of learning at Caedmon College Whitby and is carefully structured into all learning experiences. Learners are routinely expected to reflect by self and with others

Growth Mindset

Great learning is deeply enhanced through the ability to make and learn from mistakes. The learning at Caedmon College Whitby provides the safety to take risks, experience and learn new things about yourself and continually seek to be the best you can be. Challenge and consistently high expectations ensure students are regularly practising resilience and emotional intelligence.

Digital Learning

Technology is used as a tool and vehicle to inspire curiosity and unlock boundless learning opportunities. A digitally rich learning experience connects learning with the world. It raises awareness of diversity. It unleashes creativity. It supports creative problem solving. It provides collaborative learning opportunities. It personalises and transports the curriculum and ultimately maximises future collective learning potentials throughout the world. Students can access meaningful 24 hour learning, going beyond the traditional school day.

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