Your Expectations of Us

Course Overviews

The Course Overview is available from subject teachers and will contain the following information:

  • a week to week breakdown of what your son/daughter will be studying
  • hand out and hand in dates for coursework and homework
  • coursework deadlines and examination dates

Independent Learning during study time

Independent studies are an important aspect of each course. Study periods should be used wisely by students, making use of the Sixth Form Centre and IT facilities. Year 12 students are expected to spend 75% of these periods in a learning environment. This will be monitored and students will be expected to adhere to the system.


Like any organisation we realise our success is based on how we self-evaluate. An important aspect of this is the Student Perception of Courses Questionnaire that is completed by students. Here students are asked to assess the quality and provision of their course (as well as assessing their own contribution). Our students’ views and opinions make a difference.

Assessing progress

Students are entering the sixth form to prepare for employment, further education, training or university. Staff will work with them to ensure that progress is maintained. Subject monitoring and negotiated targets will help them plan their work and measure their progress. They will be informed regularly about their predicted and target grades. Key staff members who will help them achieve this progress are.

Monitoring performance

Upon a student’s arrival in the Sixth Form, we will calculate their suggested grades in their chosen subjects based upon their performance at GCSE. This becomes known as their ‘Calculated Grade’. However, we want them to exceed calculated grades. Therefore we set ‘Target Grades’ which are aspirational and are usually a grade higher than their calculated grades. We then monitor their formative and summative assessments in their chosen subjects and just as importantly we monitor the effort they are putting into their studies. At key monitoring points in the year we collect reports and monitoring reports. Those students who are significantly beneath their predicted/target grades or are showing minimal effort are placed on the PMIS Programme.

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