Post-Monitoring Intervention System (PMIS)

PMIS is a system that we operate to enable you to reach your full academic potential. 

It is hoped that this will motivate you by giving you extra guidance and targeted support.

Monitoring takes place four times per year in the Sixth Form and, after each round, the Sixth Form team will let you know if they think you are underachieving.

Teachers of the relevant subjects will be informed and your parents will be notified by letter. We aim to open up a three-way discussion between you, home and College to provide the most appropriate intervention support to best meet your needs.

If you are on PMIS system, you are assigned a Sixth Form Coach whose responsibility is to meet with you and your parents to identify any possible issues and put in place an action plan to improve your performance in the particular subject(s). Lesson observations may, also, take place in order to inform the action plan. A coaching meeting is likely to take place every one or two weeks through which your progress will be monitored.

Coaching is on going until your monitoring grades improve. For some students, this may happen quickly; for others, the intervention may be on going for a longer period of time.


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