Exam Information

Level 3 results day including BTEC and AS and A2 A-level results.

8.30am - Whitby Sixth Form site.

Enter via centre door near Room 5 and you will be directed through a one way system to pick up your results and be guided to various venues for support eg LRC for UCAS support. Make your way to the main entrance and canteen area for photographs and group celebrations!

Appeals Process

Once you have your results you may wish to understand in more detail how your grades were arrived at in a particular subject.

  1. Prior to starting an appeal a student may wish further information on HOW the grade for a specific subject was arrived at. A request for this should come via the appeals2021@ccwhitby.org and in return the HOW statement for a subject should be shared with them.


  1. Should you wish to check that there were no administrative errors when your grade was decided and entered to the exam board you need to complete Stage 1 of this form and email as an attachment to appeals2021@ccwhitby.org. This is a Stage 1 review which will ensure there has not been any clerical errors during the process.
  2. You will be emailed back to confirm the outcome of the check. Section B of the Stage 1 section of the paperwork will be completed and returned to you. If an error or change has been made, you will be informed of this and the appropriate exam board will also be informed.



  1. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Stage 1 Review you can request an appeal to the exam board. You will need to complete in detail the Stage 2 of the same document and send it back by email.
  2. Prior to this being completed the college will share with you the following information in regard to the subject being appealed:
  • the centre policy
  • the sources of evidence used to determine the student’s grade, along with the marks/grades associated with them
  • details of any variations in evidence used based on disruption to what that student was taught
  • details of any special circumstances that have been considered in determining their grade, e.g. access arrangements/reasonable adjustments or mitigating circumstances such as illness

The outcome of the Exam Board process will be communicated back to you via email as soon as this is completed.

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