Virtual Sixth Form

Hello and welcome from Caedmon College Whitby and Eskdale School.

Whitby Secondary Partnership

We are looking for ways that we can support you in the coming months and we think you could use your time now to put yourself in a great position to start sixth form studies. We would like to invite you to our Virtual Sixth Form, starting straight after the Easter holidays. This is open to anyone from either school who intends to study Level 3 courses anywhere. Wherever you study next year you can give yourself a head start.

Our Virtual Sixth Form will provide:

Virtual Sixth Form Introduction

Virtual Sixth Form Questionnaire

Application Form

Whitby Sixth Form Careers Advice 
Careers Classroom code is xnouayk

Should you do an EPQ

A Survival Guide to EPQ

In the meantime, why don’t you try some of these taster tasks to help you choose the right courses next term.


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