Y12 Google Classroom

All Y12 classes have a dedicated Google Classroom or website which will be used to give messages and set work.

All students should have access to these. If you have a son/daughter in Y12 please remember that, at some point, we will be back to normal. At that point your son/daughter could be applying for competitive courses, apprenticeships or jobs. Help them give themselves every advantage that you can by encouraging them to keep up with the work set and submitting when possible. Tutors have been allocated to all sixth form students so we can check in on them. Not just about work but about health and wellbeing too. Please encourage all students to keep an open dialogue with their tutor where possible. We are also keeping up our PHSCE programme via Google Classroom and, hopefully, providing ways that students can still socialise virtually at this difficult time. Kit Wright and Gail Mackle will also be using this platform for careers and UCAS advice.

If you have any questions at all or need information please contact us at sixthformteam@ccwhitby.org. We will answer promptly and do our best to help.

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