UCAS 2022

Whitby Sixth Form students are beginning the process of finding that perfect place for their Higher Education study.

We kicked off this process with a parent’s event on 29 April, where Ms Wright and Mr Riley took parents through the process of applying for university, exploring apprenticeships and thinking about gap year opportunities.

On 30 April the students had a day full of information, hints and tips about the application process and university life. Delivered by visiting university admissions specialists, plus time to start their research, with 37,000 courses and over 350 institutions to consider it’s an exciting time!

Now that the application window is open we are encouraging all our students to get a jump start, please support your son/daughter in their research as open days and events are now online and many universities and colleges are also planning ‘on site’ open events in the Summer.

Our guide to the application process for UCAS is out on Google Classroom for all level 3 students to access. Plus we have the ‘Unifrog’ platform to support the application and personal statement process, all our students are signed up to this too. Every student will have a UCAS coach and bespoke application help and advice from Ms Wright and the Sixth Form Team.

Please find below links to both the parent event slide show and the UCAS 2022 application booklet for our students.

Not planning on uni? Just a reminder that UCAS.com can help you look for apprenticeships and gap year activities too. Ms Wright and Ms Mackle are there to support you too.

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