School closure newsletter #3

Welcome to the third of our regular ‘school closure newsletters’. I hope that you and your family members are managing to remain fit and healthy.

Online learning

As you know we have posted work for students in Years 7 to 10 on our website when the school first closed a month ago. This work is intended to last for the first two weeks of summer term. A reminder that we have organised our Home Learning provision by year groups and this is easily accessible on our website at

Please make sure that your child checks their emails and their form’s Google Classroom on a daily basis. Every Monday morning Mrs Harrison (KS3) and Mrs Gordon (KS4) will post a ‘Welcome to the week’ message in each of these Google Classrooms, and by midweek each tutor will post some sort of form group activity for the week ahead. Please encourage your child to briefly reply to these posts; it’s our way of ‘checking in’ with each student, as well as helping us maintain those form/year group identities and relationships with key members of staff that play such an important part of school life.

Thank you for all of the help and encouragement you are giving your sons and daughters with their studies during these difficult times. We appreciate that you all have several things to balance at the moment; like many of my colleagues here at college, you may have younger children you’re having to look after all day too, and I’m sure that many of you are also either working from home or indeed fulfilling key worker posts in your normal workplace. It would be unreasonable for us to expect you to fill our shoes and attempt to completely replicate normal schooling. What we would ask is that you establish a regular routine for your child to work through the tasks that we’ve set in their different subjects. What this routine will look like will vary between household of course, but our experience from ‘normal schooling’ is that students benefit from the predictability that comes from an agreed timetable. We know, for example, that many of our students are starting their days by joining in with the Joe Wicks ‘Body Coach’ workouts on YouTube each morning, before focusing on school work. Some students have found it easier to work on the lessons they would have had at school that day, whilst others always start their day with some English and maths before moving onto other subjects. Please let us know what routines you’ve settled into as a family by emailing us at

If there is any way in which you think we can offer you support please contact Mrs Harrison or Mrs Wood about KS3 issues, and Mrs Gordon about KS4 issues via From Monday 27 April, Mrs Gordon will be supported by Mr Taylor, our new KS4 Pastoral Manager. For IT specific issues, please contact our technicians via

Work for students in Year 12 is being posted on a weekly basis and they are in much more regular contact with their teachers to consolidate their learning. Our Sixth Form Team continue to contact all students on a weekly basis via email or a phone call to check on progress and well-being. If we can offer any further support, please contact us via

Year 6 transition to Caedmon

Mrs Harrison has been busy making contact with Year 6 students and their parents. Each student now has a CCW email address and can access our online “Welcome to Caedmon” Google Classroom. If you are the parent of a Year 6 pupil starting with us in September and haven’t yet done so, please access the email account you provided the local authority with when making your secondary school application back in the autumn. You’ll find an email from us detailing how son/daughter can access get started with our online transition activities.

Virtual Sixth Form

As mentioned in my last newsletter, we have now launched our Virtual Sixth Form. This is aimed at providing Year 11 students from both Caedmon and Eskdale with support as they begin their progression into sixth form studies. It’s great to see that so many of them have already signed up.

Introductory courses that will provide a bridge between what they’ve been covering at GCSE across to the first term’s work in the Sixth Form. They can also access up to date careers information, as well as advise on how they will, in time, go about making applications to universities. Visit for more information.

Free school meals

After a very frustrating wait, the online FSM voucher system now seems to be working for all of those entitled families. New vouchers should be generated on a regular basis from this point forwards. If you do encounter any problems, please contact us at and we will, of course, provide as much help and advice as we can.

Provision for the children of key workers and vulnerable children

The emergency childcare provision we have been providing for vulnerable children and the children of key workers, in partnership with colleagues from Eskdale School, re-opens on the Normanby site after the Easter break. If you think that your child falls within one of these categories and needs to access this provision, please contact us at

Finally, thank you for your continuing support and feedback during these unprecedented times.

Yours faithfully

Simon Riley

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