Parents’ Newsletter - Edition 9

Welcome to what will be my last newsletter to you as Principal of Caedmon College Whitby. More about that shortly.

It’s been a half term and a last week of ‘moving ons’. On Friday we said ‘goodbye and good luck’ to 115 students in Year 11 and over 60 students in Years 13 and 14. Without fail it has been a delight to have had all these young people as part of our school community and we wish them every future success. Many of our leaving sixth form students will be starting university in the autumn at institutions right across the country. Others are starting high level apprenticeships or going straight into employment. They are our first cohort to have completed their post 16 education entirely on the Whitby Sixth Form site and they will be greatly missed by all the staff they have worked with. Most of the students leaving Year 11 are planning to enrol at Whitby Sixth Form in September and so it’s simply ‘farewell’ to the Normanby site. Wherever they end up, we are confident that everyone leaving Year 11 this year can move onto the post 16 education or training route of their choice with confidence of doing well.

For those who remain at school into next year, this last half term has seen much consolidation of learning and a firm re-establishment of the habits and routines of studying that will lead to success. Our Year 10 students are, for the most part, showing us just what a talented group of students they are. Although I will not be around to see them mature during Year 11, I am very confident that the enormous potential they have will released in their GCSE results in 2022. Our Year 12 students are just about halfway through their post-16 studies and have some important decisions to make in the coming months as to whether to apply to university and if so, where to and what to study. I hope that the more positive public health news of recent weeks will allow for on-site university visits to happen later this summer and into the autumn.

Covid-19 updates

I’d like to express my personal thanks to all of staff, students and their families for your collective response to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions we’ve had to impose of how school has operated over the last 15 months. Our working practices were turned upside down, with very little notice, in March 2020 and once again this January. I am really proud of how well teachers and students adapted to the different remote learning regimes we put in place. We could only have achieved what we did with the help of our support staff. It was a monumental whole team effort!

Moving forwards, we await what, if any changes, there will be for schools in the weeks ahead. Although the prevalence of cases in the community is low at the moment, you’ll be aware that there is a ‘watching brief’ nationally on how the spread of latest variant develops. It remains important, therefore, for all staff and students to participate in lateral flow testing to ensure that no asymptomatic cases come into school. We will continue to distribute free lateral flow testing kits for the foreseeable future and would ask that students test themselves twice weekly and that they report their test results to us at school by following this link: and on the government website by following this link:

Parking at the start and end of the school day

Thank you for your response to my polite request in my last newsletter about the parking problems we had been experiencing, particularly at the end of the school day. Once again, please be mindful of our neighbours on Stakesby Vale, including Beevers Furniture Store and do not drive through the tunnel and park waiting to pick your children at the end of school. It restricts access to both residential housing and access to Beevers car park. On the Mayfield Road side of school, please do not drive down the access road at any time unless you have made prior arrangements to pick up a poorly or injured child. It simply is not safe to do so at the end of school when over 400 students are leaving the site along the path adjoining the road. As previously requested, please consider delaying your ‘pickup’ time by 5 or 10 minutes – the car park adjoining the playing fields is clear by 3.40pm each evening.

Year 12 exam timetable – beginning Monday 14 June

All these exams will take place in the Scoresby gym unless notified in advance


AM Session

PM session

Monday 14/06/21

Option A

Psychology x 60mins (Option A & B) Geography x 60mins

Biology x 90mins Electronics x 150mins

Option B History x 90mins Physics x 90mins

Tuesday 15/06/21

Option C

English Language x 140mins Further Maths x 120mins

Option D

Maths x 120mins Sociology x 120mins

Wednesday 16/06/21

Option E

Chemistry x 90 mins Music x 60 minutes

Block for 2 paper subjects Sociology Paper 2 x 120mins Biology Paper 2 x 90 mins Maths Paper 2 x 90mins

Thursday 17/06/21

Block for 2 paper subjects History Paper 2 x 90mins Further Maths Paper 2 x 90mins


 Year 10 exam timetable – beginning Monday 21 June

All these exams will take place in the Normanby Sports Hall unless notified in advance


AM Session

PM session

Monday 21/06/21

Option D

DT x 90mins History x 120mins RS x  60mins Sport x 60mins

Geography 90mins

Option C

Hosp & Catering x 75mins Engineering x 90mins French x 60 + 75 mins

RS x 60mins

Tuesday 22/06/21

Science x 75/105mins

English Literature x 45mins

Wednesday 23/06/21

Option A

Computer Science x 90mins Engineering x 90mins Geography 90mins

History x 90mins Music x 60mins

Science x 75/105mins

Thursday 24/06/21

English Language x 105mins

Maths x 90mins

Friday 25/06/21

Science x 75/105mins

Maths x 90mins

Monday 28/06/21

Option B

German x 60 + 75 mins Hosp & Catering x 75mins DT x 90mins

History x 90mins Geography 90mins


Year 9 core subject exam timetable – Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 June

These exams will take place in the Normanby Sports Hall unless notified in advance and will last up to 90 minutes.


AM Session

PM session

Monday 28/06/21


Maths x 90mins

Tuesday 29/06/21

English Language x 90mins

Science x 90mins

 Other important dates for your diary

  • Monday 7-Friday 18 June - Staff moderation of GCSE/BTEC/A-level results
  • Monday 14-Thursday 17 June - Year 12 end of year exams
  • Monday 21 June-Monday 28 June - Year 10 end of year exams
  • Monday 28 - Tuesday 29 June - Year 9 end of year exams in English, Maths and Science
  • Thursday 1 July - Year 11 Prom
  • Monday 12-Friday 16 July - Year 6 into 7 Transition Week
  • Friday 23 July - End of school year
  • A-level/L3 BTEC Results Day - Tuesday 10 August
  • GCSE/L2 BTEC Results Day - Thursday 12 August.

Year 11 and Year 13 students and their parents/carers should be aware that all students need to be available to come into school up to and including Friday 18 June. The official leaving date for Year 11 students in England is the last Friday in June which this year falls on Friday 25 June.

Uniform expectations

Please refer to our website for very clear instructions about what are uniform expectations are. We realise that they have been some exceptional circumstances during the last few months but it is important that students and parents realise that we need to re-establish the high standards of uniform students have always adhered to at Caedmon. In particular can I remind you that:

  • Girls/Boys - Plain black polishable footwear (trainers are permitted as long as they are fully polishable – no fabric or canvas are allowed; for example Vans/Converse)
  • Girls - Plain black skirt (skirts must be knee length – you may need to purchase from the women’s section rather than buying for the age of you daughter to ensure a decent length) or plain black trousers (not leggings, jersey material that are pull on, jeans style or cropped)

White or dark plain socks or black tights

  • Make-up – must be minimal and natural looking. No false eyelashes, excessive use of highlighter, eyeliner or bright lip colours.
  • Jewellery - students are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings only that are no bigger than a 5p piece. No facial piercings are allowed, specifically, nose, eyebrow or lip. A watch may be worn (although an i-watch or similar are not allowed when taking examinations or classroom tests). A single charity band is allowed. No rings, bracelets or necklaces are permitted.
    • Nails - nail varnish should be clear only. Coloured nail varnish including nude colours are not permitted. False nails, including French tips are also not permitted.

Also, any jumpers worn after half term should have the school logo on. If they don't then they will be asked to remove them.

Blazers after half term can be removed during lessons as hopefully the temperature warms up. They must be worn in communal areas, in whole school or year events like exams or assemblies and when entering and leaving the classroom. Students must have their blazers with them at all times.

Failure to follow the above conditions will result in contact with parents and sanctions as per the College policy. Should there be a genuine reason that your son/daughter is in non-school uniform of any kind, please contact the Pastoral Office in the first instance.

And finally…

As you all now know, I am leaving Caedmon College this half term after nearly 3 years as Principal. It has been an absolute pleasure to lead such a wonderful school. Through some testing times, the staff – both teaching and support staff – have been magnificently supportive, and the students have universally been a pleasure to teach and get to know. I know that I speak on behalf of all my colleagues in saying that it is a privilege to serve such a wonderful community.

There have been many challenges we have had to face as a school over the last 3 years, including dealing with the extremely challenging financial position I inherited after previous local changes in school organisation; staffing restructures and reductions to address this financial position; the reorganisation of our two sites, establishing an 11- 16 school on the Normanby site and a dedicated post-16 centre on the Scoresby site; establishing a federation with Eskdale School and reinvigorating our relationships with feeder primary schools; and responding to the covid-19 crisis and maintaining a high quality education for all during two lockdowns. These are all on top of what might be described as ‘the normal day job’ I thought I was starting in September 2018!

A former colleague and mentor to me earlier in my career always maintained that the secret to being a good school leader was to liberally use the phrases “well done”, “sorry” and “thank you”. So, as I sign off from Caedmon, I’d like to say a big “well done” to all of the students in school, and the families who have supported them, for everything you’ve achieved during these last 3 years and in particular during this last 15 months. You are being educated through the most extraordinary of times and you’ve adapted so well to all the changes that have been imposed on you. I’m “sorry” if at any time we’ve not met what you could reasonably be expected of us as a school but I promise you that when things have occasionally gone wrong we’ve reflected on our failings. And finally “thank you” for all of the support and kindness you have shown me personally during my time in Whitby. The many appreciative comments I have received over the last few weeks have meant a lot to me.

No one can lead a school without the support of family and friends. So my final words are to thank my 3 children – Grace, Matthew and Siobhan (pictured here with one of my sisters) – and my wife Julie (pictured with Siobhan in a Swedish café during her year abroad at university). I wish each and every one of you health, happiness and success in the years ahead.


Best wishes

Simon Riley

31 May 2021

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