Christmas Virtual Concert

If you have a piece of music that you would like to prepare and either sing or play, that you can record at home for our virtual Christmas concert, then please get involved!

I would love to hear your musical performances and your work should be celebrated and heard by others. I am sure that your teachers, parents and the wider community would love to hear them too.

If you would like to take part, here is what you need to do:

  1. Decide on a piece. It doesn’t have to be Christmassy.
  2. Work on your piece. Practise it until you are really happy with it.
  3. Record you playing or singing your piece.
  4. UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO TO YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE (this part is really important) and then SHARE with me.

The deadline is WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER (not long I know... this time is needed for us to format everything correctly). Any questions, please see me or drop me an email.

Thank you, Mrs Beattie :-)

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