FSM Vouchers

Details regarding FSM Vouchers


The vouchers were purchased on Thursday 2nd April through a company called Edenred. We have purchased them for the following dates:

Friday 3rd April
Monday 6th April (to make up for last week)
Monday 20th April
Monday 27th April

We are not allowed to purchase them for the holidays.

In the software we have had to use it says that the vouchers are live, so they should be with you by email or on their way. They should come to the email address we hold for you on the college system.

The emails can go into the Junk or spam folder, they are from Edenred. So maybe check there too.

Hopefully they will arrive soon then if you follow this link you can use the 16 digit code to redeem your voucher. You will get £15 per week for each child.


**UPDATE Saturday 4th April, It would seem that emails have not been received by Parents yet, the system is fine at our end. We are assuming there is a high demand which is causing the delay. I will be contacting Edenred when they re-open on Monday 6th April

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