Y11 GCSE Exam Leave

As the exam season is now upon us we would like to take an opportunity to remind you of a few things you could support us with to help your son/daughter navigate the next few weeks.

Attendance is important

At this stage, every lesson will be a chance to recap work with an expert, the teacher. We want all students in all lessons, taking the opportunities to revise with people who know the exam syllabus well and respecting other students’ right to learn too. Please encourage your son/daughter to be in for all sessions and to participate and engage.

Uniform for exams

At the beginning of each exam, we need to check that no students are wearing anything that is not allowed in the exam room. If everyone is wearing the correct uniform, this will be done quickly and with minimum fuss. This has been explained to all students in assemblies. We have spare uniform for those who are not wearing it. Please help us help your son/daughter start their exams with minimum fuss by sending them to school correctly dressed.

Timetable from now until half term

We will operate a normal timetable as much as possible. However, we will be putting our English and Maths intervention tutors into lessons where an exam has already taken place. This means your son/daughter will not be wasting any time during the school day and can make the most of their time in school. We will also be putting some extra workshops during the school day before some key exams. 

Timetable after half term

Exam leave starts on Friday 16 June. Between returning from half term and this point we will give each student a bespoke timetable showing them when there are subject specific revision sessions on and when there are general sessions. If you feel your son/daughter is better suited to revising from home for the general sessions please fill out the form at the end of this letter and return it by Monday 5 June.

To clarify

  • All students need to be in College after the half-term holiday (Monday 5 - Friday 16 June) for any sessions which are subject specific.
  • If you would prefer your son/daughter to work from home for the general sessions please return the slip below (we will not be providing transport passes for students who use school transport, this is because they can be accommodated safely in school - should they wish to work from home for general sessions you will need to provide your own means of transport if you consent to them leaving site and you will be responsible for this).
  • If we do not have the form returned to us by the deadline, we assume that your son/daughter will be in College full time after the half-term holiday.
  • The College office is not able to take phone calls on the day asking for students to be released after an exam. We will only be able to do this with completion of the form in advance.

Should your son/daughter have an unavoidable appointment during any of the revision sessions, please provide evidence (screenshot/text message/letter) so we can authorise the student leaving site. 


Our students have worked for these exams for the past 5 years. They have been through home learning which was a very difficult time. You have supported them through this time and helped us to support them. They deserve to do well and we will continue to do all we can to help, including wishing them the best of luck.

Please fill out the slip below and return it to the College Office by Monday 5 June.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the above or wish to discuss any other matter regarding the forthcoming exams, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Yours sincerely 

Ms Boyd, Head of School          
Mrs Gordon, Director of Learning KS5

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