Virtual Sixth Form

I hope that you and your families are all managing to stay fit and healthy during this strange period of isolation we're all having to go through at the moment.

After 3 weeks it's getting harder isn't it, but unless we abide by the government guidelines the spread of the virus, the numbers being hospitalised and, unfortunately the number of deaths will end up being far grimmer then they currently are.

On a more positive note, we will overcome this as a country and in time get back to normality. For many of you this will involve sixth form studies, either at Whitby Sixth Form or elsewhere. We know from experience just what a jump it is in a normal year from GCSE to A-level / Level 3 BTEC studies. And, of course, this isn't a normal year. You face the prospect of having to pick up courses in September after perhaps 5 months away from any sort of studying. Many of you will be delighted with this prospect I'm sure, but don't underestimate how difficult it'll be to get started again in the autumn.

With this in mind, we're launching our Virtual Sixth Form this week. We plan to run some introductory courses for the subjects we specialise in at Whitby Sixth Form. There's a dedicated page on the WSF website:
where you can find some more information. Each subject has posted an initial 'taster' activity in advance of some more detailed work beginning in the next week or so. This webpage also has links to the latest careers advice and opportunities that Ms Mackle will keep updated; some information about how the university application process (UCAS) works; as well as an introduction to the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) that some of you may want to consider as an enrichment activity to broaden your education and develop your independent learning skills to a much higher level.

All of these opportunities - the introductory courses, the careers and UCAS advice, and the EPQ, are open to all of you, regardless as to whether or not Whitby Sixth Form is your first choice for September. It's our final offering to you as you finish your compulsory education with us, to help prepare you for sixth form studies.

Interested? Read more about the Virtual Sixth Form on the WSF website and then - importantly - fill in the questionnaire that you can access using the link below or via the 'Virtual Sixth Form Questionnaire' button on the page.

Finally - let your friends know - whether they're in Y11 at Caedmon or Eskdale. Everyone from both schools is invited. We know that not everyone will be regularly checking CCW emails at the moment, and so 'word of mouth' is going to be important.

Look after yourselves and we look forward to enrolling many of you into the Virtual Sixth Form in the next few days.

Best wishes

Mr Riley

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