Sickness at Caedmon College Whitby

As many of you will know, there have been a number of students who have been suffering either heavy cold/cough/aching symptoms or from bouts of sickness. Thank you for your cooperation in either promptly informing us of your child’s illness and absence from school, or for arranging for their collection from the Normanby Site if they have been taken ill during the school day. The vast majority of students have remained healthy and staff absence through illness has been very low in recent days. Our advice would be that students only return to the College once they have fully recovered, particularly if their symptoms have involved vomiting.

Whilst there is no evidence that points to a common source of these infections, we are remaining vigilant with our cleaning regimes, paying particular attention to commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and computer keyboards, in an effort to contain any possible spread. We are temporarily introducing day-time cleaning of our toilets, in addition to our normal ‘end of day’ programme. We will reiterate to students the importance of thoroughly washing hands and would be grateful if you could please reinforce this message at home. There has been no noticeable absence of post-16 students, but we plan to increase our vigilance on the Whitby Sixth Form site too.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing support of our efforts here at Caedmon. It is unfortunate that so many students have felt unwell in recent days; inevitably there will have been some disruption to the continuity of learning through this, but it is more important that everyone in the school community gets back to full health. Can I remind you that the College is closed to students this Friday due to a planned training day and we re-open for normal lessons on Monday 2 December. Hopefully, this long weekend will allow those students who have been poorly in recent days the time to fully recover.

Yours sincerely

Simon Riley

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