International Photo Challenge!

‘One piece of rubbish a day’

This week is the European Week for Waste Reduction. CCW has been chosen to represent the UK in this international challenge!  

Other schools involved are in Nairobi, Kenya; Hanover, Germany; Italy; Wisconsin, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Barcelona, Spain; Dubai; and Marseille, France.

Dates: Tuesday 24 November to Thursday 3 December.

“The climate emergency is still here and we can do something about it; schools across the globe can work together to show that we care about our environment, even in the current trying circumstances”.

Step 1: starting tomorrow, collect (at least) one piece of rubbish per day. Do this for 10 days. Take it home or throw it in the nearest bin; recycle if possible.

Take photos of you picking up the rubbish (your face must not be in the photo) and send to The photos will be shared with the other schools and they will be printed out on recycled paper. 

Step 2: a giant collage made from the printed out photos will be put together by a group of enthusiastic and interested students at a later date. So we need lots of photos!  

Let’s see which tutor group can send in the most photos!


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