Christmas Story Winners 2022

1st prize to Ziva Rose Teleron-Smith (Y8) for 'Christmas Fairytale'
Runner Up to Ellie O'Connor (Y7) for 'Dear St Nicholas'

Christmas Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a town called Irisville, our story starts in a peculiar little house full of joy and a jolly family…

Today I knew it would be the same magic-less day I have always known for fifteen years.  Before I woke up I was having a dream about fairies and Christmas, which was soon disturbed by my Mother shouting through the whole house for the lovely Hazel Raven to wake up. I could tell the sarcasm in her voice with the ‘lovely’ so I dragged myself out of bed to start the day without an angry mother. After getting dressed I skipped downstairs where the awaiting aroma of pancakes wafted in the air of July.  Of course, I told my mother all about the dream I had and her response was just to laugh and say something about December being a long way off yet, but I was daydreaming when she said that. I sat in my chair and quietly munched on my pancakes (with honey) whilst listening to the conversation of my parents.

“She will never be successful in life if she never gets her head out of books!” Mother accused.

“Dear, I know we are short on paying the bills and we’re not making a lot of money, but it’s not Hazel's fault - or any of the kids,” defended my Father.

“You’re right, it’s just that I’m a bit stressed, that’s all…” admitted my Mother.

That was as much as I heard, because the twins started bickering over who had the most pancakes while our older sister Becky tried to calm them down. At the sound of the twins arguing Mother marched in the room, scolded Jeannie and Juliette and praised Becky for trying to calm them down.

Mother handed me the orders that were recently made for our customers and I set off with the baked goods into Irisville.  Along my way to Mr and Mrs. McKenna, I noted that the bookshop had some new books and promised myself that I would pay a visit there.  

Knowing my errand was over, I raced to the bookshop. The door flew open and the bell clattered as if there was an earthquake.

“Morning, Miss Raven,” Mrs Cassidy exclaimed. “Quite excited, are you?” she smiled.

“Oh, yes I am very excited. Thank you, Mrs Cassidy.” I replied.

I was browsing through the rows of new books that had just been delivered, and found one to settle down and start reading. I had just started reading when I suddenly felt dizzy…

… the next thing I knew, I was standing under a beautiful blossom tree, although there was snow on the branches. I felt remarkably warm and realised that I was wearing the finest coat, hat, gloves and snow shoes I have ever seen.

A girl that looked around the same age as me somehow fluttered over to me and asked if I liked the clothes and if I was going to see the Christmas lights. I was very confused - she talked like I knew her - so I simply asked how she knew me and how I got there. She told me that her name was Winter and that she was a woodland fairy that lived in this village, Starcliff.  I asked her what day it was and she told me that it was the 24th of December - Christmas Eve! Delighted by the news, I took up her offer to retreat back to her humble abode.

On the walk to Winter’s home, we walked past a pale, pure teal-aqua green waterfall cascading down a wall of amethyst and emerald green vines, restricting the boundaries that the wall could reach out towards. A few miles down we walked through a beautiful area of the forest where everything was covered in snow. Later, we came across hot springs, the steam rising from the turquoise waters. Eventually, we reached the stunning village where we were greeted by the sight of a town square with a tall and sturdy clock and in front was a Christmas tree with all the decorations.

Winter and I made our way to her warm and comfortable log cabin where it felt like summer. Winter told me that I was one of the very few who picked the book up I had chosen and that I had been chosen to enter the tale.  She then explained that while I was in the story, time had frozen in Irisville, so that when I returned home time would not have changed from when I left.  Winter then went into the kitchen to make hot chocolate and bring out some snacks for the Christmas Lighting. Then we dressed in our warmest outfits and ventured out into the snow to the town square. Other fairies were crowding around the tree and they were counting down - 3 - 2 - 1 - and the lights flickered on and Christmas carols started.

I turned around and asked Winter if this was only a story and they were not real, she told me the secret that they were in fact real and lived somewhere on earth hidden from humans. Suddenly, I could hear a ringing in my ears. I told Winter that something was ringing and she looked at me sadly - it was time for me to go back to where I belonged. Realising what she meant I pulled her in for a quick hug, we said our goodbyes and that magical world faded away.

I woke up, sat in the same position as before in the book shop, but this time I was startled. Hurriedly, I checked the time and rushed back home, buying the book on my way out.  I did get told off for being a bit late and daydreaming again, but then we ate supper and talked about our day. Getting ready for bed, I doubted that Starcliff was really real - I rested the book down, then noticed the fairy inside the book was Winter – and she winked at me!  My doubts were gone. I felt tingly inside, like I had discovered magic, but after all, it was just another day in Irisville.

Dear Saint Nicholas

Dear Saint Nicholas,

I'm sorry I'm writing quite late, but my family have been having a bit of an issue. We are in crisis here. Ever since my brother moved away to college, my family has fallen apart – it’s as if he was the glue holding us together. He is fun and joyful and I miss him so much.  I don't get to see him again until Christmas, but I don't think I can wait that long.

You see, my parents have been arguing.  They don't think I hear it, but I do, curled up in my bed crying. The only thing I want for Christmas is for my family to stick together again like a beautiful puzzle that sticks together flawlessly.   Instead of a difficult 1-million-piece-puzzle that has almost been finished and then you notice there is one piece missing - the piece that is my brother.

Please Santa, I really need your help to bring my family together. It's my one and only Christmas wish. 

Christmas day has finally arrived. I'm so excited - my family are all awake and I can smell bacon and pancakes. My big brother slumps out of his room, as he always does. I don't think he really realizes it's Christmas until I suddenly see him launch himself down the stairs into the kitchen. The strange thing is, I didn't wake up to the sound of shouting and arguments, but instead it was laughter and joy. Maybe my Christmas wish worked?  I begged that it did. I skipped down the stairs and jumped joyfully into the kitchen, to my parents…. Laughing together?  My brother was there too – eating as usual.

I glance over towards our tree, piles of presents cover the floor like 6 feet of snow.

My mother smiles at me and says “Go on, open some.” 

I smile and pick up the smallest one, carefully unwrapping the gift - it's in a box - I slowly open it. A beautiful charm bracelet sparkles before my eyes, and a note drops down, gliding onto the floor, I read it…

For our gorgeous, hard-working daughter who never fails to put a smile on our faces - and may have just saved our love!  Our Family being together is the only present we need - Merry Christmas - Mum and Dad xoxo

I smiled at them and looked up, out of the frosty window and into the sky and whispered “Thank you, Santa”.

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