Esk Valley engineering works 18-27 September

Check before you travel

Buses replace trains along the Esk Valley route between Middlesbrough, Battersby, Glaisdale, Grosmont and Whitby.
Train services will still run between Nunthorpe and Middlesbrough to Hartlepool, Sunderland and Newcastle.

The work is scheduled to affect school pupils who use the trains from Glaisdale, Lealholm, Egton and Grosmont for 5 days week commencing 21 September. We have put temporary buses on at these stations that will basically act as the train and transport pupils to/from Whitby Langbourne Road.

All feeder services that bring the pupils in to the train stations out at Glaisdale, Lealholme, Egton and Grosmont will operate as normal and they have been notified as to what is happening with regards to the temporary buses that we have had to put in place.

The buses will be provided by a company called Morse Coaches who are one of North Yorkshire County Councils approved transport providers and they will literally act as a train replacement therefore the buses will be at the rail stations at the times when the train would usually be departing (or there abouts)

The AM buses will drop down in to Whitby Langbourne in the morning to drop all pupils off so the Caedmon pupils can make their normal way to school from there and the Eskdale pupils can board their normal school bus to get to/from school from the station.

In the PM the buses will collect all rail pupils from Whitby Langbourne. They will be waiting for the Caedmon pupils to make their way down to the station and will also waiting for the Eskdale bus to drop of their pupils and then they will transport them all back to which ever rail station they would usually go back to and then use their feeder services to take them home as normal (should they use one that is).

Each bus will have the rail station in the window so the pupils will know which bus is serving which station.

All being well the trains will be back up and running as normal week commencing 28 September 2020.



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