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Esk Valley engineering works 18-27 September

Published on 17/09/20

Buses replace trains along the Esk Valley route between Middlesbrough, Battersby, Glaisdale, Grosmont and Whitby.
Train services will still run between Nunthorpe and Middlesbrough to Hartlepool, Sunderland and Newcastle.

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School transport – September 2020

Published on 03/09/20

If your son or daughter travels to and from school using one of the bus services provided by the local authority, please read the section about ‘Dedicated School Transport’ very carefully. In particular, note that “based on PHE (Public Health England) recommendations, we (the local authority) ask that all pupils, aged 11 and over wear a face covering provided by their parents, where individual needs allow it.”

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Published on 09/07/20

How will your grades be calculated? 

As a result of the government's decision to cancel exams, we have asked teachers and tutors at your school/college to provide us with:

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