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School closure newsletter #5

Published on 02/06/20

School re-openings

As you will no doubt now be aware, the government has signalled that it would like secondary schools to introduce some ‘face-to-face support’ for students in Year 10 and 12 from 15 June at the earliest. However, its guidance goes to say that the numbers of students attending from each year group at any one time should be limited to a quarter of the cohort. We are finalising plans for what form this ‘face- to-face’ support will take for both year groups, carrying out risk assessments and consulting with staff. We hope to be in a position to share these plans with students and parents later in the week.

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School closure newsletter #4

Published on 18/05/20

It’s now almost two months since schools closed to combat the spread of the coronavirus. At time of writing, we are still awaiting detailed guidance from the government about how secondary schools might go about re-opening for some ‘face-to-face’ catch-ups and/or teaching with students in Year 10 and 12 this summer. Once this guidance has been published, we will be working with colleagues in the local authority to carry out risk assessments on both sites before we can develop any proposals for re-opening.

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Jamie Wilson Romeo and Juliet SD

Drama lockdown challenge

Published on 21/04/20

He has clearly done some research as we can see the balcony (or gallery), the doors at the back (the Discovery Space) and the roof over the stage (The Heavens) are all features of an Elizabethan playhouse very much like the ‘Globe’.

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Virtual Sixth Form

Published on 15/04/20

After 3 weeks it's getting harder isn't it, but unless we abide by the government guidelines the spread of the virus, the numbers being hospitalised and, unfortunately the number of deaths will end up being far grimmer then they currently are.

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